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Non ut in re Publica/ The Government needs help

This legislation dates since 2011. We have are counsel of  “mega projects” of national interest and have participated from scratch, doing due diligences, critical analysis, filing successful tender documents, negotiating Concession Agreements, filing for relevant permits and providing legal services for development of the ongoing Projects.  We have experience filing Public and Private Interest Initiatives.


Lex Rei Sitae / The applicable law is the one where the assets are located.

We offer due diligences, services in order to process document ownership of real estate before relevant entities and counsel in Taxation aspects of deal. We draft all types of real estate agreements (sales, leases, easements, joint investments, condomminium, etc).


Pacta Sunt Servanda / Agreement between the parties is the relevant Law.

The firm has extensive experience across a wide range of corporate issues including organization, due diligence, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, all type of related agreements and compliance with relevant regulators. Our clients’ range includes individual and small entrepreneurs through larger local companies and multinational corporations.


Ius Imperii /  Government a Sovereign State.

In addition to counseling about local regulations such as Immigrations, Registration of different products (food, pharmaceutical, veterinary), we support our clients in complying with all different entities such as Bank and Insurance Commission, Antitrust Commission and others. We also advise our clients about the requirements and advantages originated from the Central American Integration System in order for them to be compliant.


Nos audimus ea quae ab natura monemur / We do not acknowledge  Nature´s requests

Aware of growth and sustainable development of the country, our specialty in the field of environment is an integral advice which implies a subsequent accompaniment in compliance with the imposed environmental measures. In this way, we are not limited to only the initial licensing, but to control and monitor with our client to avoid sanctions thus contribute in improving the environment. It is our goal to understand our client´s Project as best as possible in order to counsel on other legal requirements that might need special permits.


Ius Cogens / Peremptory Or Compelling Law

Our commitment of providing legal services includes Local Law, Central American Community Law, and International Law in order to provide our clients with best options for their investments.

In Public International Law members of our firm have distinguished themselves representing our country in negotiations of International boundaries, International treaties and successfully solving conflicts through  Mediation and International Judicial process at the Hague Court.


In Dubio Pro Operare / In doubt on behalf of the Employee

We have experience advising companies with employees subject to General Labor Law as well as special statutes such as unions, doctors, pharmacists. Our goal is that our advice and the transactions in which we are involved are done in strict accordance with due process and clarity in order to avoid any doubt that might negatively affect our clients.


Praetentiamutare non possumus, sed futura providere debemos / We cannot change the past but we can forsee the future

A relative new issue, the law dates since 2007 and has already been modified. We have advised different projects from scratch structuring financing, incorporation of companies, permit applications, negotiation of PPA (Power Purchase Agreements), registration before relevant regulators, and all relevant legal issues including environment and tax.


Ius contrahendi / The Right To Negociate

In accordance to our client´s needs we are creative and have experience in Project finance, negotiating and closing of financial agreements from traditional issues such as financing, trusts, Syndicate Loans up to others needed to address a special requirement of the Project.


Do ut des / I give that you may give

Honduras has a new Mining Law (2013) that offers security to the investors, guarantees rights for the Mining Municipalities and its population, is respectful of the environment and is drafted in accordance to the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI).We counsel 20 ongoing projects throughout the country.


Prima en Tempore Prima en iure.- First Come First Served

Supportive of Creativity and respectful of the rights originated from its use and registration we register trademarks, patents, domain names, vegetable varieties, telecommunication equipment, and advise in distribution and representation agreements, and the rights and obligations originated from all the above issues.


Lex posterior generalis not derogat priori speciali / General Law does not repeal previous Special Law.

Striving for sustained development in a short term, Honduras has designed attractive strategies for local and International investments that generate a win-win situation for all.

We specialize in the regulatory framework and the know how in order to enable that our clients achieve a successful business within these special regimes.

For a quarter of a century we have advised free one users that manufacture, export and provide services or supply product to other free zone users.


Iustitia est constants et perpetua voluntas ius suum cuique tribuere / Justice is the constant and perpetual Will to give to each their own.

We are able to provide our clients with alternate dispute resolutions such as direct negotiation, Conciliation, Arbitration or within traditional methods such as Judicial Courts for civil, mercantile, labor and administrative issues.


Nullum Tributum Sine Legem / All taxes need to be stated in a valid law.

Always abiding by the Law, we analyze for our clients their best options in order to pay the minimum legal amounts that the law establish. We support them with advice in order for them to comply in accordance with the law, and file administrative and judicial appeals when so needed. We also have experience in local tax planning and we collaborate in international tax planning in a way that is consistent with local legislation.